Our Services

Our services will be everything that our customer wants and we can provide: transport, accommodation, food, drinks, tandem flights, lessons for thermals and XC flights, retrieval from XC flights, you name it and we will try to make your staying here as good as we can. We know the best places to fly,the best things to see, the best places to eat and to drink. You can enjoy all these in the company of other pilots or special people around Romania.If you are interested in other activities we can arrange it: skydiving, rafting, canyoning, caving, climbing. Whatever you think of an outdoor sport we can arrange it.


What we have to offer:

– Guided paragliding tours in different region in Romania based on your choice and our experience. You will learn from the locals what are the best spots, how to reach the take off, where the house thermals are and what are the best XC routes

– Accomodation with breakfast included. Let it be “paraglider style” for the budget mided folks or more expensive 3 stars pensions this is all up to you to decided. We will present you the options, and the choice will be yours.

– Transport to the take off places and after flight recovery. Fly in peace with no worries on how to come back after a good cross country. We have our minivan or private car ready to take you back from the landing place to your accommodation or back to the take off

– Traditional evening.

– Tandem flights for your non-pilot friends. If someone in your group still wants to discover the magic of flight but is not (yet) a paragliding pilot, we have a fantastic opportunity to join as a passenger in a tandem

Visiting pilots

One of the usual tricks in paragliding tours is to have a rather compact group of pilots, with matching level of experience. That is why we believe that flying with your mates from home can make a difference in bringing the success to your experience. There are of course some minimal requirements if you would like to join, but we will definitely adapt to match your group level either by choosing the right flying spots or the right XC track for you.

Minimal requirements for visiting pilots:

1. National paragliding licence from your country (in copy and original)

2. Third party liability insurance (we can also provide it to you in advance, on demand)

3. Radio on 130-180 Mhz and/or 400-520 Mhz (PMR are also accepted)

4. Variometer with GPS

5. Up and running mobile phone (preferably with retrieving software installed such as GPS find me and also preferably with a paragliding software such as XC Track or XC Soar installed)

6. Of course, your fully paragliding gear including your rescue parachute, paragliding helmet, harness and your wing






Then let us know about you and your dream holiday and we will come back shortly!


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