Why Romania?

Because Romania is a great place to visit with good-hearted pleople, rich culture full of customs and traditions and very, very good food. Once you visit this wonderful place, you will want to return. We will give you only 3 reasons to come and discover it, the other reasons you will find out by yourself.

Romania’s landscapes are full of colors and a wild variety of landforms. It is common known for the Carpathian Mountains and the Danubian River that falls into the Black Sea creating a lovely Delta. Also, the flora and fauna of each region are rich and attractive. One can easily fall in love with Romania from both above and ground.

People from Romania are open and eager to receive other people in their houses and their hearts. Foreigners are usually well received and treated with kindness. One will easily bound with Romanians because they are talkative and wishful to understand the other and to share whatever they have in the kitchen or on their minds. Romanians like a lot to talk and to enjoy both long conversations and chitchat. Also, they have a particular sense of humor that you will not find anywhere else. Once a Romanian opened to you, be sure that you have found a friend forever.

The Romanian traditional cuisine is well known for its abundance of tastes and variety. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, you will find dishes that you will remember for a long time after you have finished them. Food is for Romanians a sacred way of bonding with the others. Romanians like to cook and to eat with their friends. Also, you will be well-received and delighted by sarmale or mamaliga cu branza which are to be found in any menu.

So, are you ready to embark in this adventure?

When you prepare your equipment and luggage to come into this adventure, please remember to take with you the sense of humor, the openness and the curiosity to explore this magic land. Romania is waiting for you to spread your wings and feel its friendly winds.